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Rauvolfia Serpentina Sarpgandha Isrol Snakeroot

Rauvolfia Serpentina Sarpgandha Isrol Snakeroot

Snakeroot has been used as an aromatic bitter. 
One of Its known effects includes stimulation of gastric secretions and smooth muscle contractions of the GI tract and heart.
In small doses, snakeroot can promote appetite and tone digestive organs. Larger doses promote arterial action, diaphoresis, and diuresis. It is also said to be helpful in amenorrhea. 
The unproven effects of the plant include increased circulation, heart stimulation, fever reduction, and in the treatment of dyspepsia and skin sores. 
Folk uses of snakeroot include treatment of fever, prevention of convulsions, promotion of menstruation, and as an . Snakeroot's effectiveness as an antidote for snakebite and rabies remains unproven.
Tumor inhibiting properties are clearly due to aristolochic acids.

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