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Convolvulus scammonia Scammony Resin or Sakhmunia

Convolvulus scammonia Scammony Resin or Sakhmunia

Scammony resin is a drastic purgative, resembling jalap and colocynth. Its action is rapid, but it may cause nausea and vomiting. Large doses set up acute gastro-intestinal irritation, with congestion of the pelvic organs. Absorption has been known to occur and to set up cystitis and nephritis. The action of scammony is greatly facilitated by bile, which assists solution. It is employed, usually with other purgatives such as colocynth or jalap, to relieve cerebral congestion by lowering blood pressure, and to remove fluid in dropsical conditions. The resin is of service as an anthelmintic, and is given with calomel or santonin to remove thread worms and round worms. It is administered in pill form as Pilula Scammonii Composita, and in powders or cachets as Pulvis Scammonii Compositus. When prescribed in pills, an equal weight of soap should be ordered; this assists the preparation of the pill mass, promotes solution in the intestine, and enhances the purgative action of the drug.


    Scammony Resin Extract : The active principle ingrediant of scammonu is the glucoside scammonin or jalaphin, which is also known as scammonoae resina.The resin is being extracted by solvent with the subsequent removal of the solvent and Drying of residue in hot chamber.

    Like certain other resins, scammony is inert until it has passed from the stomach into the duodenum, where it meets the bile, a chemical reaction occurring between it and the taurocholate and glycocholate of sodium, whereby it is converted into a powerful purgative.

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