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Chasku Jasmezaaj Cassia  Absus Chakshushya

Chasku Jasmezaaj Cassia Absus Chakshushya

Cassia absus is viewed as valuable in numerous afflictions and ailments. It is generally utilized for some therapeutic purposes. The seeds have a harsh, awful taste and having diuretic, purifying and valuable in the liver and kidney sicknesses. It is exceptionally useful in diminishing the growing and is powerful in eye diseases. It likewise forestalls hemorrhages. Its basic nature helps in rejecting of the all-encompassing skin. The seeds are likewise having astringent properties. 


(1) In request to guarantee the utilization of just certifiable and uniform material in the readiness of natural plan, deal with institutionalization was completed. Morphological and anatomical angles, just as a differential microchemical reaction, have been worked out to recognize the indicative highlights of the leaf. Physical steady qualities including dampness substance, debris and extractives just as subjective and quantitative estimation of different phytochemicals have been considered. The nearness of lipid, saponin, tannin, alkaloid, phenol, steroid, flavonoid, and some other compound constituents are recorded.


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